Private gardens:

  • Family roof garden v Žilina, Slovakia
  • Family garden in Pšurnovice, Slovakia
  • Family garden in  Žilina-Závodie, Slovakia
  • Terrase - Mr. Chourres in London, UK
  • Family garden -  Rowe´s family in London, UK
  • Family garden - Mr. Newbloud in London, UK 
  • Family garden in Lysica, Slovakia
  • Pond with water cascade in family garden
    in Žilina-Závodie
  • Conservatory - Collection´s glasshouse of Orchids
    and other exotical plants in Žilina - Zádubnie, Slovakia
  • Family garden in Láb, Slovakia
  • Family garden in Holíč, Slovakia
  • Family garden in Terchová – Vyšné Kamence, Slovakia
  • Family garden in Veľké Rovné, Slovakia
  • Family garden in Dlhé Pole, Slovakia
  • Family garden in Mojš, Slovakia
  • Family garden in Žilina, Slovakia

Public and semi-public gardens:

  • Exterior of hotel Dubná Skala ****  – mobile greenery next to entrances and in parkplace, in Žilina, Slovakia
  • Garden of private rehabilitation clinic of Mr. MUDr. Mekyňa in Rajecké Teplice, Slovakia 

Urban design, urban and rural open spaces:

  • Project of the revitalization open spaces in village of Stráňavy 
  • Master plan of the zone Trnávka - Stred, Bratislava
  • Studies od the master plan of the zone Lieskovec - Ketelec, Bratislava - Podunajské Biskupice
  • Project: Revitalization of relax zone in village Červený Kameň, Slovakia
  • Project: Revitalization of relax zone in village Slávnica, Slovakia
  • Project: Revitalization of relax zone in village Slávnica - Podhorie, Slovakia  

Reconstruction of the interiors:

  • Reconstruction of living room, vestibule and toilette -  Kušnír´s family in Predmestská street,  Žilina, Slovakia 
  • Reconstruction of flat´s core - Mrs. Novák in Žilina, Slovakia

Electroinstalation, audio, video, lighting: 

  •  complete electroinstalation of family house - Mr. Mintách in Žilina - Bytčica, Slovakia
  • complete electroinstalation of flat - Mr. Machciník in Žilina, Slovakia